Oh what a night!

Last thursday I attended New Zealand Fashion Festival with a couple of friends and my niece. This was the first fashion show I have been to and Oh My Goodness it was AMAZING!! It was a fun, girly night full of fashion, laughs, cocktails and iced tea. The highlight of the night for me was definitely Céline Rita’s show. Céline never fails to bring classy, fun, girly fashion to the runway.

My Outfit Details:
Volcom Dress
Rubi Shoes
Glassons Lace Socks
Equip Earrings
Karen Walker Bow Pendant
Karen Walker Mini Skull Ring
Karen Walker Mini Bow Ring
Equip Ring
Glassons Bag
Pandora Charm Bracelet

My Make Up Details:
MAC Prep+Prime Face Primer
MAC Studio Fix NW20
Designer Brands Mineral Loose Powder
Designer Brands Bronzer
Maybelline Falsies Mascara
Coastal Scents 88 palette eyeshadow
MAC Lipstick (can’t remember the colour sorry)
-all applied with EcoTools brushes

-Hannah ♥


i ♥ my lil sis

she may annoy me. my mascara may somehow end up in her makeup bag each and every day. but at the end of the day I ♥ her and she is always there for me. oh and she lets me borrow her clothes 😉

boyfriends & karen walker

To me Karen Walker epitomises girliness with a good dash of edge and a sprinkle of quirkiness-the perfect combination for any kiwi girl. Her pieces are that of investment while making a statement. Her clothes are classic yet crazy. Unfortunately they are rather beyond a university student’s budget. I’ve come to a compromise between my budget and my love for Karen Walker products- her jewellery range. Her jewellery pieces encompass the essence of her brand, usually at a lower price though. I’m slowly growing my wee collection and wear my KW rings and earrings each day.

my collection of KW jewellery boxes and bags
KW Mini Skull Earrings
KW Mini Dog Ring
KW Mini Bow Ring
This brings me to boyfriends.. My boyfriend is utterly amazing in each and every way. He is not the kind of guy one would call fashionable though. In fact he is really uninterested in fashion. When I talk about his ‘outfit’ he says to me in a jokingly frustrated tone “It’s not an outfit! It’s just pants and a shirt-clothes not an outfit!!” He does understand and support my love for all things beautiful and fashionable though. Last week my darling surprised me with this Karen Walker necklace. He really is a keeper!!
KW Bow Pendant
-Hannah ♥

Brush Cleaning

It is very important to clean your make up brushes. I found that if I do not clean my brushes regularly then the quality of my make up look becomes poor. I am going to give you a step by step guide of how I clean my brushes. I learnt this method from JuicyStar07.

1. Gather everything you need: Shampoo, Sponge, Running water and of course your dirty brushes!

2. Run water onto your sponge and squeeze shampoo onto it also (you will have to repeat this step every 1-3 brushes, depending on how dirty they are).

3. Rub your round brushes on the sponge in a circular motion (blush, bronzer, blending brushes etc) until the soapy water runs clear.
4. Rub your flat brushes in a backwards and forwards motion on the sponge (foundation, eyeliner, flat shading brushes etc) until the soapy water runs clear.
5. Ensure your brushes are no longer producing any colour and then leave them to dry!
It’s really as easy as that! I have just a couple of extra tips..
  • Ensure that you don’t get any water at the base of the bristles (where they meet the metal joining) as this can cause them to loosen and fall out.
  • I recommend you do this about once a week.

-Hannah ♥