wild hair

My hair is uncontrollable! I’m not talking a few fly-aways and tangles here and there. I’m talking absolutely crazily unmanageable!!! Over the years I have exposed my hair to so much damage. I don’t straighten, curl or blow dry it so much but I do dye it. A lot! I’m naturally light-haired but dye my hair dark. In the past I have even dyed it black a few times. Every once in a while I want a change to light so I bleach my hair and then dye it light brown. I then find myself getting bored and dye it dark.. and REPEAT. This is completely and totally NOT recommended. I can spend hours at a time trying to brush my hair, detangle it, tame it!! Yet two seconds later and I am back to the beginning with very tangly hair. I decided it was time to fix it once and for all! I got a hair cut and have committed myself to some very strict hair rules.

You can see in my first post and in my header how long my hair was. It is now like this!!

It’s been a pretty big change for me! I’d like to share with y’all the rules and routines I’ve been sticking to in an attempt to manage my hair. Hopefully they’ll help you out if you have wild hair like me, or just make your hair even more perfect if yours is already easily controllable.

1. Brush/comb your hair night and morning. For some of you this is easy and obvious. For others, like me, not so much. When my hair is dry, I brush it. If I’ve just washed it then I will comb it. Never ever Brush wet hair! It’ll break your strands and damage it even more.

2. Wash your hair every two days or even less if possible. The less you wash your hair the better. A handy tip I learnt from a hairdresser for those of you with unmanageable hair like me is to comb it in the shower. If needed, apply a leave-in hair treatment and comb again.

3. Sleep with your hair tied up. For most of you a loose, low ponytail will work great. If your hair tangles easily then plait it. The plait will ensure that all your hair stays together and it will prevent it from tangling as much.

I hope these tips will help y’all! If you have any to help me then please leave a comment! I love hearing from readers.

-Hannah ♥


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