boyfriends & karen walker

To me Karen Walker epitomises girliness with a good dash of edge and a sprinkle of quirkiness-the perfect combination for any kiwi girl. Her pieces are that of investment while making a statement. Her clothes are classic yet crazy. Unfortunately they are rather beyond a university student’s budget. I’ve come to a compromise between my budget and my love for Karen Walker products- her jewellery range. Her jewellery pieces encompass the essence of her brand, usually at a lower price though. I’m slowly growing my wee collection and wear my KW rings and earrings each day.

my collection of KW jewellery boxes and bags
KW Mini Skull Earrings
KW Mini Dog Ring
KW Mini Bow Ring
This brings me to boyfriends.. My boyfriend is utterly amazing in each and every way. He is not the kind of guy one would call fashionable though. In fact he is really uninterested in fashion. When I talk about his ‘outfit’ he says to me in a jokingly frustrated tone “It’s not an outfit! It’s just pants and a shirt-clothes not an outfit!!” He does understand and support my love for all things beautiful and fashionable though. Last week my darling surprised me with this Karen Walker necklace. He really is a keeper!!
KW Bow Pendant
-Hannah ♥

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