fun & mischief of a pixie

As some of you will know, I recently had my hair cut. I’ve gone from very long to very short. I’m absolutely loving it!! The maintenance, care and styling of short hair though is very different to long hair. I thought I’d share with you what I’ve learnt over the last 3 weeks with short hair.
  • I use way less shampoo! Sometimes I find myself squirting out the amount I used to use and I end up with lots of bubbles! Short hair is going to save me a lot of money on shampoo!
  • I also use way less conditioner. I’m finding this is due to the fact that all my hair is so new and barely damaged as it hasn’t really been dyed as much as my long locks used to be. I’m saving on the $$ here too!
  • I barely need to brush my hair. My hair used to be so damaged and so long that sometimes it would take hours to brush through. Now it takes less than a minute.
  • I have to style it everyday. While I used to enjoy playing with hairstyles when my hair was long I could get away with sometimes just throwing it up in a high bun or a side plait, without too much work. The time I’m saving on brushing my hair I am now using on styling.
  • Wax is my new best friend. After I blowdry my hair (takes about 3 minutes) then straighten the front (1 minute) I rub some wax between my hands then run my hands through my hair. This gives my hair lots of texture and holds the style in place. At first I felt like a boy doing this step!
All in all I am absolutely loving my short hair. I feel so free and feminine! And also fun and mischevious just like a Pixie!
-Hannah ♥