holidays + hair

All my exams are over and I’m now on holiday for 4 weeks. I’m excited to rest and relax, work a lot, spend quality time with my boyfriend and friends and of course get back to blogging! This past semester has been great but slightly stressful so I’m glad to have a break.
My hair is starting to get a bit long so it’s time to get it cut! On the plus side though, I have been enjoying experimenting with this slightly longer style. I love what I tried yesterday; curling my fringe with a GHD and braiding the shorter side and clipping it back with bobby pins.
I’m a bit unsure of whether I should get it cut to the same style or if I should cut it even shorter than before…
-Hannah ♥

friends + wedding plans + shopping

I love days where I feel like I have been productive and also had heaps of fun! Started the morning early with an exam which went great! Then caught up with my bestie and helped her with her wedding plans and went shopping. Used false lashes for the first time! Later went for a drink with her fiancé and friends!
Oh, I dyed my hair blonde recently! Something about change just makes me so happy!
-Hannah ♥