New Zealand Fashion Week

A couple of weeks ago New Zealand Fashion Week was held in Auckland at the new Viaduct Events Centre. Oh my was it an exciting week. I volunteered at NZFW the week before the event and during the event with registration. The week before NZFW was spent filling delegate packs and loading Delegate details into the computer system. We opened registration on Monday 29th August, however shows didn’t begin until Tuesday. I know this is really late but I was awfully busy with NZFW and my makeup course. My days were spent waking as early as 6 and getting home well after 11. I’m currently on dial-up internet so doesn’t always load! Over the next wee while I will be writing about my experiences at NZFW. From the shows, to the goody bags, to the amazing people! I hope you all enjoy getting a sneak peak into an awesome event like NZFW! I know many of you have probably read about NZFW in articles written by many great NZ bloggers but I thought this would give you a look at how it is to volunteer at NZFW. I sure had a blast! Oh and since I was working the whole time I unfortunately didn’t get any photos!! I will keep the posts colourful with pictures from the web though!

-Hannah x


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