NZFW Friday 2nd September

 J Geek and the Geeks
image from

Brigette from NZNTM
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It all started getting a bit hectic again on Friday as we were preparing to open to the public that night. Every year Friday night and Saturday of Fashion Week turn into a public event named Fashion Weekend. It’s a great opportunity for the public to buy tickets and experience the shows just as the lucky fashion insiders do. As well as attending the shows there is an awesome opportunity to shop at the Designer Garage Sale. I managed to find a gorgeous Julian Danger Faux Fur coat at a hugely discounted price. I attended a couple of shows on Friday which were amazing! I attended the Sunday Star Times Shoe of the Week show where I saw so many amazing shoes. The models were dressed in gorgeous silk shorts and crop tops with amazing ‘pin up girl’ hair. I later attended the Late Night Seduction Show which was an awesome mix of contemporary dancing, burlesque dancing and amazing performances by the great J Geeks and the Geeks! As well as the opening of Fashion Weekend, Friday night was the night of the much anticipated World show which hosted the live finale of New Zealand’s Next Top Model. I was so happy to hear that Brigette won! She had been by favourite since the beginning. She’s a classic beauty with a wonderful mature personality.

-Hannah x


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