Happy Halloween!

 Source: Daydream Living
It’s Halloween! My absolute favourite time of the year! I have so many great memories of dressing up and trick-or-treating with my friends or throwing Halloween themed birthday parties as my birthday is so near!
Unfortunately I’m a little too old to go trick-or-treating now so will be spending the night watching movies such as Scream 4 and Hocus Pocus with my boyfriend. Hopefully we get a few trick-or-treaters to our house, we have so much candy to give away!
I’ve spent today writing an assignment for my makeup course, cleaning my makeup brushes (check out my how-to post here) and preparing for my assesment on this look!
-Hannah ♥

makeup school: sultry

Our newest look we’re learning at makeup school is Sultry. The look consists of black smokey eyes, rose blush and nude lips. I’ve been practicing on myself!

-Hannah ♥

makeup school: special effects

It was awesome learning how to make scars and bruising using makeup! My lovely boyfriend is so patient and supportive, giving up his saturdays to be my ‘model’. Although I think it may be getting to his head. He’s starting to think modelling was his true calling.. not engineering… um we’ll see hun, we’ll see.
-Hannah ♥