• Sparkles! Whether glitter on nails or sequins on a skirt, sparkles seem to make everything a little bit more special and a lot more fun!
  • Daylight Saving! The days are getting longer and the feel of summer is in the air!
  • Iced Tea! The taste of summer can be found in a bottle of Lipton Ice Tea!
  • Days at the beach! Yesterday was a rather warm and sunny day so the boy and I headed to the beach for a little picnic!
  • Dessert Scented Candles! Mmmm I love my Creme Brulee candle!


  • Nasty gossip! I’m so over reading comments on blogs insulting celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. Personally I love the girl! But even if I didn’t I wouldn’t trash her! Aaaand insulting people who make youtube videos.. If you don’t like the video or the person then don’t watch it! It’s that simple!
  • Days where it sort of rains.. At the moment here in NZ each day seems to be half warm, half rain! It’s usually not warm enough to hit the beach but it doesn’t even rain enough to fill up our water tank! Bring on a couple of days of solid rain and then a week of sunshine bliss!!

-Hannah ♥


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