Tips: Concealer

I wanted to take some of my knowledge of beauty products that I’ve learnt over the years as well as bits I’ve been picking up recently and write tips and advice posts. First up I’m going to write about concealing and colour correcting.
To begin we have to understand a little bit of Colour Theory.
The above image is of a colour wheel containing primary, secondary and tertiary colours.
Each colour has a colour directly opposite it, this is called its complementary colour.
Complementary colours are the basis of concealing and colour correcting using makeup.
If we have a blemish or something we want to cover up we use the complementary colour to the colour of the blemish.
Here is a list of colours found in impurities and the complementary colour:
                                                           Red                        Yellow or Green
                                                           Blue                        Orange
                                                           Yellow                    Lilac
                                                           Brown                    Yellow
                                                           Grey                       Peach
                                                           Purple                    Yellow
So for example:
If you had a red blemish or pimple you would use yellow concealer to cover it up. If the redness was excessive and you have cool toned skin you can also use green concealer.
If you had grey under eye circles you would use peach concealer to cover it up.
If you had purple bruising you would use yellow concealer.
I have found that the two colours I reach to most in my kit is yellow and peach. If you’re looking to start using concealer I would definitely recommend purchasing those two colours first. You won’t go wrong!
We now need to learn a bit about placement of concealer. It’s the age old question do you apply concealer after or before foundation??
It can depend on merely which order you’re used to and which you prefer. Although I have picked up a bit of tricks and tips on the subject which I find work for me and will hopefully work for you too!
Before: I recommend applying concealer before foundation if you have excessive blemishes or discolouration you need to cover up. Applying green concealer after foundation won’t look too hot. However if it is needed then by all means you should use it. Apply the concealer before foundation and then dab your foundation on with a sponge. Do not rub it in as it will ruin your wonderful colour corrections and move the concealer all over the face. Remember to set your foundation with powder to prevent shine and ensure it stays put all day.
After: I recommend applying concealer after foundation if you only have a few minor blemishes that need covering up. I find that applying concealer after foundation is a lot easier than applying it before, however as mentioned above sometimes it needs to be done that way. So if you just need a little yellow concealer to cover your pimples or a little peach concealer to cover the evidence of a late night study cram then apply your foundation as usual, followed by concealer, followed by powder!
With: If your skin is near perfect or you don’t want extreme/perfect coverage but do want a little more coverage than your foundation has to offer I recommend mixing your concealer with your foundation. This provides slightly more coverage, all over your face.
I really hope you found all this helpful. Please feel free to comment with any questions or tips you have for me!
-Hannah ♥
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