it feels like summer

 Yesterday was such a beautiful day. I can certainly feel summer coming. It wasn’t warm enough for a dip in the ocean but was certainly a good day to be outdoors. I started the morning with an energetic walk. It feels so good to build up a sweat. After cleaning the house, my wonderful man and I went for lunch on the beach. We then headed to a carpark (where above pictures were taken) for a little driving lesson. Nearly 6 years too late* I finally I have my learners drivers licence. The BF attempted to teach me how to drive his car. Let’s just say I became very good at stalling, bunnyhopping and rolling backwards. Between you and me I think I’ll stick to learning in an automatic. As much as I love my BF’s love for his car, a manual with a racing clutch (I don’t even know what that is but I try to repeat his terminology so he knows I care haha) just isn’t for me!
-Hannah ♥
Outfit Details:
Blazer, Top & Shorts: Glassons
Shoes: Chuck Taylors
*In NZ there are 3 stages in getting your driver’s licence; Learners, Restricted, Full. I’m nearly 21 and back when my peers were getting their licences you needed to be 15 to get your learners (it is now 16 though). Anyway I have passed my test and can now focus on practicing driving and getting my restricted licence in 6 months time.

2 thoughts on “it feels like summer

  1. Oh wow these photos are breathtaking! What a perfect day at the beach. :)I love your hair. It's adorbs!And yeah, you probably did better than I could ever do with a clutch. Lol. An ex tried to teach me once and it was…not a good experience. 😉

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