MTV EMA 2011

I was rather disappointed with the Red (Pink) Carpet looks at the MTV EMA which showed tonight in NZ. 
Selena Gomez’s outfit was definitely my favourite. The lace, the colour, the tulle!
I found her Beau Justin Bieber was best dressed male. Although he can do no wrong in my eyes!
I absolutely love Hayden Panettiere, although I am a little undecided about her choice in dress. It’s nice but something about it just isn’t quite right.
I hate to say this but I dislike Lady Gaga more and more each event or show she attends. I used to love her! She’s getting a little too wild for my taste.
Hannah ♥

2 thoughts on “MTV EMA 2011

  1. LOVE Selena's dress. She's adorable and one of the best dressed young celebs in my opinion. I'm always impressed with her ensembles.And as for Lady Gaga…ummm…I'm speechless. And not in a good way. Just like you, I keep becoming less and less enchanted with her as time goes by. I think she needs a total fashion makeover. The weird stuff is getting old.

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