At the beach near my Mom’s house.
University started back today and boy was I pleased. As I’ve mentioned before I got extremely ill last year and I had to take 6 months off from university and work which caused me great distress. I am one of those people who LOVED high school and LOVES university even more! I find it hard to slow down and thrive off always being busy so as you can imagine, taking time off was difficult for me. By the time I was completely better and ready to start living again, summer had started and classes were out! I haven’t regularly attended classes since April last year. It sure feels good to be back. With my recovered immune system and my health fully in check comes big changes for me this year. I am set to work even harder now that I’m regaining the physical strength to do so. Top grades, new job, great health and fitness and a successful blog are all part of my plan for 2012. I’ve already completed one of my goals which was to move out of home AGAIN and move closer to university and shack up with the BF. 2011 was a hard year but I learnt a lot so I know 2012 is going to be wonderful! Here’s a little look at what I’ve been up to lately (in between work, moving and my full recovery).

 OMG this drink is amazing! Absolute new favourite.
 A stingray my niece and I spotted at the ferry terminal.
 The gorgeous view from a rooftop in Chancery Lane where I attended an engagement party.
 Flowers, drinks and citronella candles at the engagement party.
 New shoes from Glassons, toes painted with Revlon Top Speed ‘Lily’.

-Hannah ♥

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