NZFF MAC Seminar

After reading the afterthoughts online to the first MAC seminar at this year’s NZ Fashion Festival I decided I had to attend! I quickly purchased tickets and arranged for my niece to attend the MAC Seminar with me. As a Makeup Artist I believe I stay quite up to date with current trends and products and have a fair few tricks under my belt but I am a firm believer in always trying to learn and better yourself and had an absolute blast learning tips from seasoned MAC pros. The two gorgeous MAC artists focused on two hot looks, ‘Ath-elite’ and ‘Neon’. Ath-elite was all about healthy dewy skin and the focus of Neon was bold graffiti inspired colours. The tickets were $60 each and in return you received excellent tips, $50 gift voucher, mascara, lipstick, and an awesome night out! There is another show on saturday and I recommend you attend if you can!
The top tips I took away from the show are:
  • Skin care is the basis of flawless makeup! Always always Prep and Prime!
  • Fix plus spray adds moisture to your skin as well as setting your makeup. Spray before and after makeup application.
  • The biggest trend of the moment is dewy healthy plumped skin!
  • Paint pots are your friend! Wear one of the gorgeous colours on their own or use as a primer before eyeshadow.
  • Groomed full eyebrows are so hot right now! Fill in with brow shadow and set using a brow gel. They should look full and soft, not harsh and dark though.
  • Keep bright ‘Neon’ colours to one feature of your face.
-Hannah ♥

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