The general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

To keep myself motivated I decided to write down my main goals for the year and stick them on my wall. They’re all pictured above but I thought I’d explain them a bit more.
1. Job
I have a part time job but it’s back near my Mom’s house and I now live in Auckland City so I want a job closer to home. I also want a job that I really enjoy, something that requires me to use my skills and interests.
2. Glasses
I have had the same glasses since I was 15 years old and they are surely outdated! It’s time to save up and get some new ones.
3. A+
I’m in my second year of my Communications degree and it’s a competitive year. At the end of the year we are ranked on our grades and are given choice of our majors/minors dependent on this. I have decided on PR and Journalism which happen to be the two hardest to gain entry to so I am working really hard on maintaing my grades to a high standard this year.
4. Internship
I spent last year enjoying my degree and getting a feel for it, I planned on trying to obtain an Internship this year. Today, I landed my first internship! I begin interning, next week, for the awesome websites nzgirl and flossie.
5. Blog
I’ve been dabbling in the blogosphere for a few years now but haven’t truly given it a proper run. This year I am making it a priority to really give my blog a go. I have a lot to say and a lot to show! So I’m hoping you will find it all useful, interesting and fun!
6. Braces
My teeth aren’t terrible but they’re not great either. When I was a young teen my orthodontist advised me to get braces, I refused though as it wasn’t ‘cool’. A few years went by and every single girl at my school got braces (well.. almost) and now all have perfect teeth! I want to save up some of my hard earned cash this year and finally commit to some metal and get my teeth fixed before I am released from university into the real world.
7. Fit & Healthy
After not participating in sport for a few years or a gym really, except for the occasional ‘exercise everyday for a week then give up’ stints I do I have become extrememely unfit! My fitness decreased last year when I got ill. Now I am all better I want to get my fitness back! I also want to build up my immune system so I don’t get that ill again. So bring on exercise, healthy eating, plenty of water, and the right amount of sleep!
8. iMac
Some may argue this isn’t a goal, nor is it necessary. I beg to differ! My laptop is on its last legs and it’s time to upgrade. I really enjoy Apple products and am required to use them at university so I’ve decided I’m going to go all out and buy one of these gorgeous, amazing, EXPENSIVE pieces of technology! This purchase may not be vital but it is something I really want and will help me with my career. I better get saving!
The above goals are particular things I am trying to achieve this year, of course my main goal in life is to be happy and for others to be the same!
It’s really helping me to keep my goals on display like this. As I said I landed my first internship today so that’s 1 down, 7 to go! Keeping my goals on the wall above my computer reminds me constantly what I want and need out of life and is keeping me motivated.
-Hannah ♥

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