Mita Hair Extensions

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of attending the launch for the new Mita Hair Extensions. The event was held at the gorgeous Sera Lilly shop in ponsonby.

These hair extensions really are something special. They’re synthetic so they’re not expensive like human hair extensions- all the products were under $100. However unlike other synthetic hair extensions you can use products on these ones and heat styling tools! You get the quality and convenience of human hair extensions but the price of synthetic! Mita has done a really great job at designing these awesome hair extensions. They come in a large array of colours, lengths and thicknesses.

Check them out in pharmacies nationwide.

Do you wear hair extensions? Do you want to?

I hope your day was dressed in pixie dust!


Make Your Eye Makeup Last All Day

As I’ve mentioned before I’ve got extremely dry skin but somehow my makeup still melts off my eyes! Over the past month I’ve been playing with different products and coming up with a routine which will keep my eye makeup on all day!
I’m happy to say I’ve found a simple 6-step routine that is quick and easy and really works!

The first 4 steps are a normal part of an everyday makeup routine.

Step 1: MOISTURISE- I moisturise my entire face with Neutrogena SPF15 Moisturiser (including my eyelids).
Step 2: PRIME- I then apply MAC Prep + Prime Skin, making sure to put a teeny bit on my eyelids also.
Step 3: FOUNDATION- As I apply my foundation to my face, I lightly brush some onto my eyelids. I use MAC Studio Sculpt as it is perfectly dewy for my dry skin!
Step 4: POWDER- I apply my Maybelline FIT ME face powder and again lightly brush some on my eyelids.

Now this is where the magic happens!

Step 5: EYE PRIMER- I apply my Urban Decay primer potion to my eyelids, blending it in with my fingers.
Step 6: COLOUR BASE- Finally I apply a NYX Jumbo Pencil to my eyelids as a base and again blend with my fingers.

Following these simple steps will ensure your makeup stays on all day! I’ve tried and tested a few products in each step and have found the above ones to be the best for me, although if you have a particular favourite product then simply use it in place of the one I’ve mentioned for that step. For example, for step 6 you can use your favourite creamy eyeliner or MAC painterly pots as a base and for step 3 if you have oily skin you’d be better off using MAC Studio Fix.

I hope these tips help you. Give them a go and let me know how they work for you. Do you have any tried and tested tips for making your eye makeup last all day?

What dressed your day in Pixie Dust? Simply seeing the sparkly glitter in my makeup today really perked me up and coming home with it still glittering away on my eyelids really made it that much better!

Keeping Hydrated this Winter

As the days get colder it becomes more important to keep your body hydrated. The air is dry during the winter months and it sucks the moisture out of your body. Personally, I find it difficult keeping moisturised during winter so I find it helpful to develop a routine.

I’ve got a few problems with keeping my skin moisturised and soft; firstly, I’ve got particularly dry skin anyway so come winter my skin feels horrible; secondly, when I hop out of the shower it’s so damn freezing I don’t want to catch a chill while moisturising in the nude; and lastly I find I don’t reach for my water bottle nearly as much in winter as I do in summer. During winter I’m much more partial to a hot chocolate than a bottle of water and although it hydrates me a little, it fills me up with sugar more than water!

I make a habit of applying my face moisturiser straight after washing my face, morning and night. I then moisturise again and use a face primer just before I apply my makeup. For some people this may seem a little much, but my skin really is that dry. My favourite face moisturiser is Neutrogena SPF 15, it’s inexpensive and it’s available at supermarkets!

My skin is rather sensitive so I like to use products that are low in fragrance and are gentle on the skin. I lather mosituriser on my body morning and night. My favourite moisturiser right now is St Ives Daily Hydrating Vitamin E.

It’s said that you’re supposed to drink your weight (in kgs) in ounces of water. ie if you weigh 60kg then drink 60 ounces of water. When I first calculated the amount of water I was supposed to drink (in litres) I was extremely ill so I didn’t find it was enough as I was particularly dehydrated at the time. So I aim to drink a lot more than the rule says to, however it works great for most people! I aim to drink 3 litres of water a day. This keeps my body hydrated, my skin moisturised, my organs clean and my brain functioning properly.


Dressed in Pixie Dust is a little saying I use to describe my life being full of sparkles and things that make me happy! I like to think of things that make my day sparkle, whether it be a new lipstick, a good grade or a delicious meal with my boy.
Knowing my body is moisturised and hydrated and therefore healthier dresses my day in Pixie Dust. What dressed your day in Pixie Dust?

Welcome to Dressed in Pixie Dust

Hello lovely fellow beauty and fashion lovers. Welcome to my new blog! I’m currently working on setting up this site while maintaining my current blog girlbehindascreen which I will be importing over here in the next few days.

For now, I hope the above image provides you with colourful inspiration for your makeup looks.

A few weeks ago I graduated from makeup school. My classmates and I each chose a colour and used it as the basis for our makeup looks for our graduation dinner; I chose orange. While getting ready that evening I photographed the makeup I was using. Every now and then I glance at the image to provide me with inspiration for my makeup look of the day. Without visual inspiration I sometimes find it difficult to ensure I don’t get stuck in a rut with my everyday makeup by only wearing neutrals. Exciting colours are a surefire way to brighten up these dull winter days.