Keeping Hydrated this Winter

As the days get colder it becomes more important to keep your body hydrated. The air is dry during the winter months and it sucks the moisture out of your body. Personally, I find it difficult keeping moisturised during winter so I find it helpful to develop a routine.

I’ve got a few problems with keeping my skin moisturised and soft; firstly, I’ve got particularly dry skin anyway so come winter my skin feels horrible; secondly, when I hop out of the shower it’s so damn freezing I don’t want to catch a chill while moisturising in the nude; and lastly I find I don’t reach for my water bottle nearly as much in winter as I do in summer. During winter I’m much more partial to a hot chocolate than a bottle of water and although it hydrates me a little, it fills me up with sugar more than water!

I make a habit of applying my face moisturiser straight after washing my face, morning and night. I then moisturise again and use a face primer just before I apply my makeup. For some people this may seem a little much, but my skin really is that dry. My favourite face moisturiser is Neutrogena SPF 15, it’s inexpensive and it’s available at supermarkets!

My skin is rather sensitive so I like to use products that are low in fragrance and are gentle on the skin. I lather mosituriser on my body morning and night. My favourite moisturiser right now is St Ives Daily Hydrating Vitamin E.

It’s said that you’re supposed to drink your weight (in kgs) in ounces of water. ie if you weigh 60kg then drink 60 ounces of water. When I first calculated the amount of water I was supposed to drink (in litres) I was extremely ill so I didn’t find it was enough as I was particularly dehydrated at the time. So I aim to drink a lot more than the rule says to, however it works great for most people! I aim to drink 3 litres of water a day. This keeps my body hydrated, my skin moisturised, my organs clean and my brain functioning properly.


Dressed in Pixie Dust is a little saying I use to describe my life being full of sparkles and things that make me happy! I like to think of things that make my day sparkle, whether it be a new lipstick, a good grade or a delicious meal with my boy.
Knowing my body is moisturised and hydrated and therefore healthier dresses my day in Pixie Dust. What dressed your day in Pixie Dust?


2 thoughts on “Keeping Hydrated this Winter

  1. True about the moisturisers containing an SPF – still need the sun protection, even in winter 🙂 I used to work for Neutrogena and now use their Healthy Defence range of moisturisers because of the higher SPF (30+) and the quick absorption qualities. Great post 🙂

    • That’s interesting to know! I might have to check out that range when I next run out of moisturiser. Yea it’s definitely important to have year-round sun protection. Thanks for checking out my blog and taking the time to comment ♥

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