My New Business

Over these last couple of weeks I have made a few changes in my life. As you may know I am a qualified Makeup Artist and it has always been my plan to pursue this as a career as I work towards graduation and becoming a PR/Media professional. After graduating from makeup school though I took a little bit of a break from makeup artistry.

A couple of months ago I decided I really wanted to further pursue Makeup Artistry. I graduated from makeup school in April but hadn’t really done much makeup work since then. I had been working a part time job in retail and it was taking a lot of my time and not giving me much money. So I decided I wanted to quit my part time job and begin working as a Makeup Artist.

I’m still at university studying communications but makeup is one of my greatest passions! And what better way to make some extra money through uni than pursuing my passion?!

I have set up a website and a Facebook page and have begun working as a Makeup Artist! I am having such a great time running my business and being creative with my clients!

If you’d like to make a booking then please contact me at – I’m located in Auckland, New Zealand.


Aside from the fun of being a Makeup Artist I’m also really enjoying running– my self hosted website. Running a site is a little different to this site. It allows me to have a little more creativity. And I love having my own domain name! I’m currently contemplating moving this blog over to also. The problem I’m having though is whether to keep this blog name or not? I really love this name! And I haven’t had it long at all. I think it’s so cute and fun but it would be a lot simpler for me and my readers (I think) if I had my blog connected to What do y’all think? I’d love some advice! After all if I make these changes it will affect you my reader.

Should I move over to
And should I keep dressedinpixiedust or should I connect my blog to


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