MAC Face & Body

As I mentioned here I recently began my Makeup Artistry business. This meant it was time to stock up my kit. The first purchase I needed to make was foundation. I reasearched, googled and tried out a lot of foundations. I also reached out to my friends, family and fellow Makeup Artists about foundations they love! I was pretty sure I was going to go with a M.A.C foundation as I absolutely love the brand but they have so many choices! It became pretty clear that a common favourite was M.A.C Face & Body! Of course they have many other great foundations that suit different skin types and provide different coverage levels but M.A.C Face & Body is a top all-rounder. As makeup can be expensive and I am only just beginning my career I needed a good foundation as a base (no pun intended). M.A.C Face & Body provides good coverage with a flawless and natural finish. It also comes in a huge range of colours and is waterbased so it’s easy to mix to get the perfect colour for any client! I’ve been working with this product for a month or so now and I’m happy to say I absolutely love it. It looks great on everyone I’ve used it on and it’s so easy to work with. I recommend you give M.A.C Face & Body a try if you’re after a great foundation!

If you’re interested in my work then check out my website or email me at info@hannahmerceanu with any enquiries.


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