I’ve moved

Remember I’ve moved to dressedinpixiedust.com! Add the url http://dressedinpixiedust.com to your blog reader or head over to the site and follow me via rss feed, bloglovin or email!

Take a look at my latest post- In Sydney…Makeup I’m buying! It’s all about my trip to Sydney next week and the makeup I’ll be buying.

I won’t be posting over here anymore so head over to dressedinpixiedust.com for your dose of pixie dust!

I look forward to you joining me!

-Hannah xx











I’m Moving

I apologise for the lack of posts lately; I’ve been busy with university work, my new job as Editorial Assistant at nzgirl and moving my blog! That’s right, dressed in pixie dust is moving. I’ve bought my domain name and I’m transferring to wordpress.org! The new address is dressedinpixiedust.com! Please update your blog reader.

The blog is going to be staying pretty much the same, although there will be a few changes; the address is changing; the layout and graphics will be changing a little bit; and there will be more consistent posting!

Please bear with me over the next wee while as I make all the changes. I really hope y’all will like the new site and please let me know what you think.

Don’t forget to add dressedinpixiedust.com to your blog reader! And tell your friends too.

-Hannah xx