April & Phillip’s Engagement Shoot

My two best friends are getting married later in the year and this past weekend we had their engagement shoot. They haven’t had a chance to see the photos yet so I’m just showing one sneak peek image and more will go up later on here, on facebook and on my soon to be launched website! How cute do they look?! These two have the most beautiful true love. They are so wonderful to each other and to others also. I truly admire and respect them and the love they have for each other and for life! I wish them so much happiness and I cannot wait for the wedding. I am so proud to be their bridesmaid!

April’s makeup and styling is by me. I also photographed the images. I am by no means a photographer or an expert with cameras but I am quite pleased with how the images turned out!

I hope your day was dressed in pixie dust!
Who in your life has a relationship you admire?


Happy July 4th

Although Independence Day is an American holiday we decided to celebrate it at the nzgirl/Flossie office. Our day was filled with red, white & blue, stars & stripes and of course American hot dogs!

Happy July 4th to all who celebrate it!

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

As winter makes itself known here in New Zealand I find myself scouring the web for gumboots. My days traipsing through the rain would be made so much better if my tootsies were kept warm and dry buy some Hunter Wellington Boots! I’m not sure where you can by them in NZ but ASOS has a great selection of the boots as well as the cuddly socks that go with them.



What do you think of this trend? Would you wear them as everyday boots?

My guy can’t stand the thought of me wearing them and thinks they belong on the farm… I think I’ll get some anyway. Would the men in your life understand this trend?


I hope your day was dressed in pixie dust!


As I’m a student I generally buy cheaper shoes as I don’t have large amounts of cash available at any one time. This winter I am going to keep buying cheaper, trendy shoes but I really want to invest in a pair of high quality classic boots. Below are the shoes that I’m currently coveting; a couple of budget-friendly flats from Glassons and some links to some pricier shoes from Overland that I’m thinking about investing in.

What shoes are you coveting this Winter?
Do you tend to buy cheaper or pricier shoes?
-Hannah ♥

All images belong to Glassons