Revlon ColorStay Bronzer

I bought this bronzer to use for a makeup shoot and oh how I fell in love! It’s so nice to apply and is the perfect colour. I generally find that most bronzers are either too orange or far too dark. This one has the right gorgeous bronze colour and is very buildable- meaning it will suit from the fairest skin tones to the darkest!

It’s rather shimmery so it works great at giving you a gorgeous sunkissed glow. I recommend using it as a bronzer but not as a contouring powder due to the shimmer.

It’s part of Revlon’s ColorStay range and the colour really does stay all day!


Maybelline Color Tattoo Review

Finally Maybelline Color Tattoos are in New Zealand! These gorgeous cream shadows have been stirring up a fuss overseas for a few months and now we get to try them too! I bought mine at the makeup sale I blogged about here just before they came out in NZ. They’re available now at pharmacies nationwide!

I bought mine in the colour Bad to the Bronze which is a shimmery, dark bronze. I’ve been wearing it on its own as a quick and easy eye look and sometimes as a base underneath my eyeshadow. You could use it in the eye makeup routine I blogged about here.

Maybelline Color Tattoo is a really creamy shadow that lasts all day and looks gorgeous! It’s never creased or moved a bit on me. If you’re looking for a great eyeshadow base or simply a cream shadow you can wear alone then I recommend you check the Color Tattoos out!

MAC Face & Body

As I mentioned here I recently began my Makeup Artistry business. This meant it was time to stock up my kit. The first purchase I needed to make was foundation. I reasearched, googled and tried out a lot of foundations. I also reached out to my friends, family and fellow Makeup Artists about foundations they love! I was pretty sure I was going to go with a M.A.C foundation as I absolutely love the brand but they have so many choices! It became pretty clear that a common favourite was M.A.C Face & Body! Of course they have many other great foundations that suit different skin types and provide different coverage levels but M.A.C Face & Body is a top all-rounder. As makeup can be expensive and I am only just beginning my career I needed a good foundation as a base (no pun intended). M.A.C Face & Body provides good coverage with a flawless and natural finish. It also comes in a huge range of colours and is waterbased so it’s easy to mix to get the perfect colour for any client! I’ve been working with this product for a month or so now and I’m happy to say I absolutely love it. It looks great on everyone I’ve used it on and it’s so easy to work with. I recommend you give M.A.C Face & Body a try if you’re after a great foundation!

If you’re interested in my work then check out my website or email me at info@hannahmerceanu with any enquiries.

Auckland Makeup Sale

A huge makeup sale was held a couple of weeks ago at the ASB Showgrounds in Auckland. The sale is held every few months and this one was bigger and better than ever!

I went along with my mom while she was visiting and we both picked up some goodies! I managed to snag so many great bargains I even went back a second time with my friend April.

I had a shoot coming up that I wanted to pick up some supplies for as well as any other discounted bits I could incorporate into my professional kit. The shoot was Grecian themed so bronze and gold shades were required! I managed to find a really great Revlon bronzer and L’oreal gold eyeshadow palette. They came in handy for the shoot!

With these types of sales you never know if you’re getting the real deal or what the quality of these products will be like but I’m happy to say I came out with some great high quality products.

These sales can be quite a daunting experience so read my tips and you’ll come out happy!

  1. Do NOT take your handbag. They don’t allow them inside and will make you leave them outside in an unguarded pile of discarded handbags.
  2. Go when you have plenty of time to spare. These things get pretty crowded so you never know how long you’ll have to wait in line.
  3. Wear comfortable, and maybe even closed shoes! People will be pushing, they’ll be shoving and they’ll stand on your feet to get the last lipstick! I mistakenly wore ballet flats and ended up with a bruised foot.
  4. Go with a list. Have in mind what you want to buy and how much you want to spend. Of course you should allow yourself to pick up a few fun extra products that you might not have thought of but don’t go overboard. There is so much stuff there that it’s easy to get carried away.
  5. Take a close look at the price and think about whether or not it is actually cheaper than in the stores. I picked up some really great products but I did notice quite a lot of items that weren’t discounted at all!
  6. Finally and most importantly, take a friend and enjoy yourself! These sales can get pretty hectic but it’s all about having fun with your girlfriends and snagging some great bargains so enjoy it!

Did you go to the makeup sale? What did you buy?

Do you have any tips about surviving these kinds of sales?