labour weekend

This past weekend was labour weekend as well as the final for the Rugby World Cup. It wasn’t quite warm enough for swimming and sunbathing this weekend as I had hoped but the weather was still pleasant enough to entice us outdoors. My boyfriend and I went on a fantastic walk where we enjoyed the landscape of the beautiful surroundings we’re blessed enough to call home.
For the last couple of months NZ has been host the the Rugby World Cup, a tournament that started here in 1987 and has been held every four years since, in various countries. This year it was not only our time to host the cup again but also to win it. New Zealand’s Rugby team the All Blacks won the cup last night for the first time since the inaugural tournament. It was an exciting, nail-biting and close game. Congratulations ABs and good work to the French who made the ABs really work for their win.
-Hannah ♥


♥ picnics ♥

My boyfriend is just the sweetest! I’ve been really sick recently so haven’t been getting out much. My wonderful boyfriend took me on a surprise picnic to help me feel better. We sure live in a beautiful place!

-Hannah ♥